Resilience Rising

What we do

Empower Lives, Erase Stigma

We are committed to providing a haven and empowering opportunities for young adults aged 18-24 whom HIV impacts. We believe in their strength, resilience, and ability to overcome challenges. Resilience Rising is located in Southeast Dallas.

Resilience Rising empowers HIV-impacted youth through housing, mental health support, education, and community. It reduces stigma, ensures healthcare access, teaches life skills, and inspires advocacy, fostering resilience and independence.

Resilience Rising Empowers Youth

The young adults participating in Resilience Rising may be impacted by HIV in various ways, even if they are not necessarily HIV-positive themselves. This impact could be due to several factors:

Direct Health Concerns

Some of the youth may be living with HIV themselves, facing the challenges of managing their health while also dealing with the transitional phase of their lives.

Family Members or Loved Ones

 The young adults might have family members or loved ones who are living with HIV. This can create emotional, financial, and caregiving responsibilities affecting their well-being and future prospects.

Stigma and Discrimination

Even if the youth aren't personally living with HIV, they might face societal stigma and discrimination due to their association with the virus. This can lead to isolation, mental health struggles, and hindered opportunities

Education and Awareness

The program aims to educate all youth about HIV, its prevention, transmission, and how to support those living with the virus. This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions and contribute to reducing HIV-related stigma.

Empathy and Understanding

By engaging with peers who are living with or affected by HIV, the participants develop empathy and a broader understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and communities impacted by the virus.

Our Impact

Resilience Rising provides a safe and supportive space for all these young adults to overcome these challenges, regardless of their HIV status. By creating an inclusive environment that addresses various aspects of HIV impact, the program helps these youth build resilience, self-confidence, and skills for a brighter future. Your support will contribute to their growth and empowerment.