One Hour, Infinite Impact

At TWCUYC, we believe in the power of youth to create positive change in their communities. Our program, "One Hour, Infinite Impact," is designed to engage and empower young people to serve their assigned communities in the most needed areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Youth in garden
Youth Engagement

Our program begins by recruiting and training dedicated young volunteers eager to make a difference.

Community Assignment

 Each youth volunteer is assigned to a community in need within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These communities are carefully selected based on their unique needs and challenges.

One Hour of Service

Our volunteers dedicate just one hour to serving their assigned communities. This commitment ensures that participation is accessible to all, no matter how busy their schedules. Those needing to fulfill community service hours can easily do so through our program.

Extended Service

For those passionate about making an even greater impact, we welcome volunteers to contribute more than one hour of service. Many of our participants extend their commitment because they see the tangible difference they can make.

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