EmpowerED for Life

Breaking Barriers, Building Brighter Futures



We equip youth with the necessary tools to THRIVE!

At TWCUYC, we are dedicated to reshaping the lives of at-risk youth, opportunity youth, and individuals with experience in the criminal justice system. Our comprehensive program, "EmpowerED for Life," focuses on reducing recidivism, preventing prison involvement, and equipping participants with essential life skills, including soft skills.

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Program Highlights

Life Skills Training
 We offer comprehensive training covering vital areas such as communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, financial literacy, soft skills, and job readiness.
Our program pairs participants with dedicated mentors who provide guidance, support, and positive role modeling, fostering personal growth and resilience.
Case Management:

 Expert case management services are provided to help participants navigate the challenges they may face during their journey towards rehabilitation and personal development.

Speakers Panel

Our program hosts a diverse panel of formerly incarcerated individuals sharing inspirational stories of transformation, resilience, and successful reintegration into society.

Re-Entry Services

We offer specialized re-entry services for individuals recently incarcerated, assisting them with the transition back into the community. These services include housing assistance, job placement support, and legal guidance.

The Impact on Youth and Individuals

EmpowerED for Life

Empowers participants to make positive choices, significantly reducing their likelihood of reoffending. Through mentorship, counseling, and case management, participants experience profound personal growth, gain confidence, and develop the skills necessary to navigate life's challenges. Our job readiness training enhances employability, enabling participants to secure stable employment and build a better future. For those with prior involvement in the criminal justice system, our program provides the support needed to reintegrate into society successfully.

The Impact on the Community

EmpowerED for Life

By preventing at-risk youth and individuals from becoming involved in criminal activities and providing re-entry support, our program contributes to a safer and more cohesive community. Equipped with life skills and a support system, participants become positive contributors to their neighborhoods, breaking the cycle of crime.
Choose "EmpowerED for Life" as the program that breaks barriers, builds brighter futures, and supports successful re-entry for our youth and individuals with a criminal justice history. Together, we can transform lives, reduce recidivism, and create a brighter, safer future.

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