Empowering Youth, Transforming Communities

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MarcoPromos recognized the work TWUCYC is doing for our youth. We were given $1000 in promo items to help with branding. Thank you, MarcoPromos!!
Shawn delivering beverages to YORP for their re-entry program. 
Board Member, Charles Smith Jr., along with Barber's supporting TWCUYC!
Shawn sharing our mission with attendees of an Arlington, TX Black Chamber of Commerce event.  

Shawn sharing the importance of collaboration to other re-entry service providers. 

Our Mission

The Wright Cause Urban Youth Conservation is driven by empowering underserved, under-resourced, and opportunity youth. We are committed to providing comprehensive programming and support services that cater to youth's unique needs, aspirations, and challenges. Our mission is to nurture resilience, inspire personal growth, and cultivate a future where every young individual has the tools, opportunities, and support to realize their full potential.


Our Vision

At The Wright Cause Urban Youth Conservation, our vision is centered on youth empowerment and self-actualization. We envision a world where all youth are uplifted, their voices are heard, their dreams are valued, and their potential is unlocked. We strive to create an inclusive community where every young person has equal access to resources, opportunities, and mentorship, enabling them to shape their destiny and become catalysts for positive change.

Through our unwavering commitment to youth empowerment, TWCUYC strives to provide support, guidance, and opportunity for youth. We are dedicated to creating a future where every young person’s potential is realized, their dreams are celebrated, and their voices are amplified.

Empowerment Services
Resilience Rising

Rising Strong: Empowering Lives, Erasing Stigma

We are committed to providing a haven and empowering opportunities for young adults aged 18-24 whom HIV impacts. We believe in their strength, resilience, and ability to overcome challenges. The young adults participating in Resilience Rising may be impacted by HIV in various ways, even if they are not HIV-positive. 

One Hour, Infinite Impact

Empowering Youth, Transforming Communities

We believe in the power of youth to create positive change in their communities. Our program, "One Hour, Infinite Impact," is designed to engage and empower young people to serve their assigned communities in the most needed areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

empowered for life
EmpowerED for Life

Youth Rising, Communities Thriving

Our goal is to transform the lives of at-risk youth and individuals with a history in the criminal justice system. Our program, “EmpowerED for Life,” is dedicated to reducing recidivism, preventing prison involvement, and equipping participants with crucial life skills, including soft skills. 

Our Empowerment Partners
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